Panel agrees integrated services and patient power are 'routes to the future'

Panel agrees integrated services and patient power are 'routes to the future'
Thursday 31 July 2014, 12:01PM

The Ministry of Health would rather see health models “evolve” than be restructured like the UK’s NHS, attendees at the Australasian Long-Term Conditions Conference 2014 were told

Technology shifts the 'power' to patients

Thursday 31 July 2014, 11:53AMTechnology shifts the 'power' to patients
Technology is driving a shift of power from institutions and professions towards consumers and individuals, according to futurist Ross Dawson

New Zealand launches national quit smoking initiative (Updated)

Wednesday 30 July 2014, 4:41PMNew Zealand launches national quit smoking initiative (Updated)
Pharmacists are a key player in a ground-breaking national quit-smoking programme, as part of the Government’s push for a smokefree New Zealand

Pradaxa indicated for pulmonary embolism

Wednesday 30 July 2014, 4:30PMPradaxa indicated for pulmonary embolism
Pradaxa (dabigitran) is now indicated, and Pharmac-funded, for the treatment of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, according to an announcement from Boehringer Ingelheim today (30 July)

Green Cross Health shareholders happy with $15m

Wednesday 30 July 2014, 12:14PMGreen Cross Health shareholders happy with $15m
Green Cross Health shareholders had little to complain about, other than the lack of some decent sandwiches, at the company’s AGM in Auckland yesterday (29 July)

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Education sessions aim to level the playing field

Prostate Cancer Foundation Thursday 31 July 2014, 12:56PM

Plunket supports World Breastfeeding Week

PlunketThursday 31 July 2014, 12:55PM

Health Benefits to Nelson Tasman from New Insulation Project

Canterbury Health Trust Thursday 31 July 2014, 12:54PM

Northlanders urged to get vaccinated

Northland DHB Thursday 31 July 2014, 12:53PM

More scholarships for nurse graduates

Health Minister Tony Ryall Thursday 31 July 2014, 11:13AM

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Counter makeover wins over customers

Thursday 31 July 2014, 11:56AMCounter makeover wins over customers
Sarah Al-Ani knew sales from her Lancôme counter were slumping, but, when she discovered the pharmacy was not hitting target, and was losing the counter altogether, she had to think fast

Tap water a definite no-no for cleaning contact lenses

Thursday 31 July 2014, 11:51AMTap water a definite no-no for cleaning contact lenses
Pharmacy staff can help prevent serious eye infections in contact lens wearers, New Zealand Association of Optometrists Andrew Sangster says

Supplements aid good eye health

Thursday 31 July 2014, 11:47AMSupplements aid good eye health
There may not be a magic food that can help you see in the dark, but there are many supplements that are clinically proven to help improve eye health

Kiwi company launches probiotic powder for babies

Friday 25 July 2014, 11:05AMKiwi company launches probiotic powder for babies
Dunedin probiotics company BLIS Technologies has launched a probiotic powder, which aims to prevent painful ear infections in babies

Panadol, Dettol top trusted brands list

Thursday 24 July 2014, 11:14AMPanadol, Dettol top trusted brands list
Two brands sold in pharmacies are among New Zealand’s most trusted, according to just-released survey results

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New Zealand a draw card for hospital pharmacist Cathy Street

By Script This Thursday 31 July 2014, 10:50AM Comments 0
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Talking Shop – Andrea Franklin

By Talking Shop Thursday 31 July 2014, 10:47AM Comments 0
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Mystery scripts

By Dr Scripterrious Thursday 31 July 2014, 10:45AM Comments 0
Natasha Nagar

Leanne TeKaru, prescriber and army pharmacist all inspire students at career event

By Natasha Nagar Wednesday 30 July 2014, 4:54PM Comments 0

Warren Flaunty's tornado chase 2014

By Warren Flaunty Friday 30 May 2014, 9:03AM Comments 0
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PhD student in awe of colleagues’ quake efforts

Thursday 31 July 2014, 11:33AMPhD student in awe of colleagues’ quake efforts
When the devastating earthquake hit Christchurch in February 2011 it was all hands on the deck in community pharmacies

Research on ‘forgiving’ drugs proves to be an award winner

Thursday 31 July 2014, 11:31AMResearch on ‘forgiving’ drugs proves to be  an award winner
A PhD student won the Otago Institute for the Arts and Sciences Postgraduate Award with a presentation about her research into quantifying the “forgiveness” of drugs

Lecturer secures grant to develop anti-cancer drugs

Thursday 31 July 2014, 11:25AMLecturer secures grant to develop anti-cancer drugs
Lecturer in biopharmaceutical sciences, Allan Gamble, has received a $144,275 Health Research Council grant to develop targeted anti-­cancer drugs

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CTU Working Paper on Health

New Zealand Council of Trade Unions (CTU)Wednesday 14 May 2014, 11:54AM

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General election 2014

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Budget 2014 - Pharmacy Today crunches the numbers

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Pharmacy Services Agreement - 2014

Michelle Norton Friday 31 January 2014, 12:21PM

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Michelle Norton Friday 08 March 2013, 2:15PM


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